Implant-supported Dentures



Advanced Dentistry makes use of the Award-Winning Gendex DP-700 3D Cone Beam Dental Imaging System for Optimum Results in Implant Placement. This machine takes a 3-dimensional picture of the jaw which allows us to know exactly where to position an implant.


Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are notorious for being unstable and ill-fitting. Fortunately, advancements in restorative dentistry mean more options are available to replace missing teeth than ever before. For unparalleled stability, many patients choose to replace a full upper or lower arch of teeth with implant-supported dentures. Sugar Land dentist Dr. Varghese John can surgically implant small titanium posts in your jawbone to securely anchor your dental prosthesis. These dental implants offer the absolute best support for dentures while also providing important benefits to your oral health. They are also a cost-effective restorative solution. Dr. John is exceptionally skilled and experienced in implant dentistry, and uses the latest techniques and materials to achieve successful patient outcomes. To learn more, contact our knowledgeable staff today.


Many denture wearers struggle to keep their dentures in place, particularly in the lower jaw. Problems such as slippage, trouble eating certain foods, and discomfort from dentures rubbing against the gums are just a few of the reasons that many patients do not want to wear their dental prosthesis. Unfortunately, this can lead to cosmetic concerns, like sunken cheeks, and problems with eating and speaking. Dental implant technology effectively eliminates these concerns by locking the denture securely in place.

Implant Supported Dentures

  • Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of denture adhesives
  • Restore proper chewing for a better diet and improved health
  • Do not interfere with taste by covering the roof of the mouth
  • Fill out wrinkles and add volume to the face for an improved appearance
  • Are a cost-effective alternative to implant-supported crowns

Most importantly, implants continue to stimulate the jawbone and prevent the atrophy that results from tooth loss. This can lead to improved oral health through the preservation of healthy jawbone mass.


Implant-Supported Dentures

With newer technology, more patients are able to enjoy the benefits of implant-supported dentures. In the past, some patients were told that they did not have sufficient bone mass in the jaw or their ridges were too narrow to support implants. Today, many of these patients are candidates for mini-implants, which feature a smaller post. The latest generation of mini implants is also greatly improved with better materials and design. Innovative systems now allow a full arch of dentures to be stabilized with just four implants, and in some cases, as few as two. In addition to offering a less invasive treatment option for a shorter recovery time, using fewer implants reduces the cost of the procedure while still providing superior support.


Implant-supported dentures, or overdentures, consist of natural-looking replacement teeth on a plastic base that blends discreetly with the gums. The denture is anchored to implants in one of two ways: directly (fixed) or with a retainer device (removable).

Fixed Implant-supported Denture – This type of denture affixes directly to implants. The denture features holes to accommodate the implant posts, and the dentist conceals these holes after the denture is attached. In this way, the denture is securely fixed at all times except when the dentist removes it for periodic maintenance and cleaning. Dr. John prefers the Prettau® Zirconia Bridge, which resists breakage and chips while looking extremely natural.

Removable Implant-supported Denture – Removable implant-supported dentures employ a custom-made bar that attaches to the dental implants, effectively anchoring the denture. The denture snaps or clips into place, and the patient can easily remove it for cleaning. In some cases, the patient’s current denture can be modified to attach to implants. This is the most cost-effective solution for patients with budget constraints.

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