Posted by Dr. Varghese John Mar 06, 2023


Few of us are gifted with perfect smiles. Your teeth may be off-white, crooked, chipped, or suffering from a multitude of other dental problems. Combinations of cosmetic procedures can provide you with a custom smile makeover.

As the ultimate expression of your personality, your smile serves as your calling card to the world, a powerful source of first impressions. When you’re unhappy about aspects of your smile, it can undermine your confidence more than you know. 

Similarly, self-assurance grows when you’re comfortable about the image your smile projects. 

Sometimes, though, it takes more than one cosmetic dental procedure to address those undermining factors. We have you covered at Advanced Dentistry in Sugar Land, Texas. 

As aesthetic dentistry specialists, we can develop a custom smile makeover plan just for you, choosing from our wide list of procedures to focus on those that provide you with maximum smile results. 

Reveal your best smile

A smile makeover is a custom and comprehensive combination of treatments incorporating the precise dentistry solutions that you need to restore and optimize your beautiful smile.

There’s no single reason why people opt for smile makeovers. You might be unhappy with conditions like prominent tooth spacing or problems with your bite alignment. Hiding conspicuous cracks or addressing tooth discoloration can also be priorities.

No matter what your personal aesthetic goals are, a smile makeover can address virtually every detail of your mouth, factors like the color, length, shape, width, and alignment of your teeth as well as the health and appearance of your gum tissue. 

With the goal of maximizing the aesthetic potential of your smile, a total smile makeover enhances your appearance while letting your personality glow. Or partial some people need only a few targeted treatments to achieve their desired results. 

Multiple treatments with one goal

At Advanced Dentistry, we draw from the full range of our dental treatments to provide the care you need to achieve your dream smile. Smile makeovers include unique combinations of services that can include: 


Using a tooth-colored resin, it’s possible to fill moderate gaps or to address minor chips and cracks in tooth enamel. A quick and effective treatment, composite bonding can also cover permanent tooth discoloration, fix uneven edges, or alter the length of teeth.


For cracked, worn, discolored, or over-filled teeth, crowns may be the answer to restore strength and appearance. Crowns are custom-made in a dental lab to our specifications, perfectly designed to flawlessly match your natural teeth.


Dental implants are the standard of care when it comes to tooth replacement. Unlike dentures or bridges, which only replace the crown of your tooth, implants also replace the root with a biocompatible titanium stud implanted in the bone of your jaw, like a natural tooth’s root, and capped with a restoration crown.


Mild to moderate alignment issues are no problem for Invisalign®, a removable and transparent alternative to braces. Using a series of aligner trays, Invisalign resolves many orthodontic problems comfortably and quickly.

Teeth whitening

One of our most requested cosmetic dentistry services, teeth whitening with the EPIC X® dental laser provides dramatic results in a single appointment. Another option is the Zoom teeth whitening solution that can whiten one's teeth up to 8 shades in 45 minutes. Zoom offers a take-home teeth whitening option also that can offer a noticeable difference in a few days. 


An ultra-thin porcelain substrate that fits snugly over the front side of visible teeth, dental veneers can restore tooth structure while hiding flaws, adding length, or correcting minor gaps. Veneers can also dramatically whiten your smile without limitations imposed by natural tooth color. 

The right smile makeover for you is just a consultation away. Visit us at Advanced Dentistry to learn more. You can request an appointment online or call our office to book your session. There’s no time like now to move forward, so contact us today

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